Readiness Exam

Many parents are eager to start a kindergarten program with their child but may be uncertain as to the right time to begin. If you have questions concerning your child's readiness skills in general, or the adaptability of our program to your child's situation the Covenant Home Kindergarten Readiness Test will be a helpful tool.

This test is designed to help you determine readiness to read and perform the tasks of Covenant Home's Kindergarten curriculum. Assuming that most four- or even five-year-olds will not score 100%, it will also help you to identify and work on particular areas of skill development.

Mastery of the test is not expected! Your child's interest level will be a very strong factor in determining his readiness. The scoring procedure may be found at the conclusion of the test. A raw score of 58 indicates a strong readiness for reading.

Take the test on-line by selecting the appropriate answers and print it for scoring purposes, or print it now for use at a later time. If you'd like you may download a printable version. In either case it's a excellent tool for your use!

Questionnaire to be completed by the parent
Select the letter which most accurately describes your child's performance in each situation.
A. Not Yet B. Some of the time C. Most of the time D. Rarely misses this one

Social Skills
A B C D 1. Initiates his own leisure-time activities.
A B C D 2. Can follow directions.
A B C D 3. Does tasks when asked the first time.
A B C D 4. Finishes one activity before starting another.
A B C D 5. Can work independently.

Motor Skills
A B C D 6. Can trace or draw a line with control.
A B C D 7. Cuts with scissors.
A B C D 8. Can help dress himself: coat, socks, shoes.
A B C D 9. Uses a fork properly.
A B C D 10. Can catch a medium-sized ball.
A B C D 11. Is able to skip.
A B C D 12. Is able to hop on one foot.

Language Skills
A B C D 13. Tells full name when asked.
A B C D 14. Recognizes first name by sight.
A B C D 15. Orally identifies letters in name.
A B C D 16. Speaks in sentences.
A B C D 17. Listens with interest, to short story (10 minutes or more).
A B C D 18. Identifies picture likenesses and differences.
A B C D 19. Identifies basic colors: Red, Green, Blue, Orange.
A B C D 20. Identifies Shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle
5 10 15 20 21. Counts by rote to ... select highest number.
0 5 10 20 22. Counts objects ... select highest number.

Language Skills - Part 2
In this section, please select all that apply.
23. Identifies numbers 7 4 10 5 1
6 9 2 8 3
24. Identifies letters M o A r S
P b C E h
g F D i

Listening Skills
Administer this portion of the test orally. Work the sample first, in each section.

A. Using Oral Context - Complete the sentence with an appropriate word.

Child's Sample: I can tie my


At breakfast I like to eat .


At the zoo we saw .


We like to play outside.

B. Initial Sounds - Select the word which does not begin like the others.

Child's Sample: top book tape tiger

28. moon mice baby matches
29. rag cow red rock
30. say seal some dog
31. paper party man pen

C. Rhyming Words - Select the word which rhymes with the others.

Child's Sample: bad sad fad cow mad

32. hark lark mark sick bark
33. Roy toy joy boy jazz
34. pill hill sill drill sign
35. plan fan pan mine ran

D. Initial Sounds - Tell whether or not the pictures begin with the sound of "S".

Child's Sample: Yes

36. Yes
37. Yes
38. Yes
39. Yes
40. Yes

Interest - Choose the category which best describes your child's interest level.
A. Shows little interest in books and/or reading.
B. Is interested in books for a few minutes at a time, but not of his own initiative.
C. Shows considerable amount of interest in books, but has short attention span.
D. Desires to be read to frequently for short periods of time.
E. Desires to be read to frequently for 15 minutes or more.

Questions 1 - 22
Answers in column B = 1 point
Answers in column C = 2 points
Answers in column D = 3 points

Questions 23 and 24
Award one point for every two correct answers

Questions 25-40
Award one point for every correct answer

B = 1 point
C = 3 points
D = 5 points
E = 7 points

A raw score of 58 is the goal for reading readiness
Social Skills
Score: (15 possible)

Motor Skills
Score: (21 possible)

Language Skills
Score: (30 possible)

Language Skills - Part 2
Score: (12 possible)

Listening Skills
Score: (16 possible)

Score: (7 possible)


· 65 - up Begin now! Capitalize on your child's superior motivation and readiness. Kindergarten discount

· 58 - 64 Congratulations! You are ready for Covenant Home's Kindergarten! Kindergarten discount

· 48 - 57 Proceed with Covenant Home's Kindergarten, adjusting the pace to accommodate student's maturation, OR Kindergarten discount

· 47 - below Proceed with Covenant Home's Pre-School curriculum. Kindergarten discount