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Benefits of a Planned Curriculum

The Slugger's Dismay

Don't get called out at home !!

Have you heard about the homerun hitter who drove one out of the park, trotted around the bases but was called out at home?  The opposing third baseman called for the ball and stepped on his base.  The umpire howled  .  .  . Oouutttt ! The alert ump had seen the runner miss the bag.  Rounding third, in all the excitement, waving to the crowd, he hadn't actually made contact. 

That mistake doesn't happen very often in baseball, but a very similar blunder is frequently found in homeschooling.  After three or four seemingly good years students find they are missing something important, maybe something with which they were not familiar.  Or, after several years of little or no serious testing and grading, they discover how far behind they've become. 

Catching up is hard.  Overcoming imperfectly planned instruction is costly and discouraging.

Covenant Home provides complete and professionally balanced programs.  College prep studies make sure there are no slip-ups.  Planned and provided test sets and answer keys supply clear and regular indicators on progress and standing.

Don’t get called out at home.  Buy Covenant Home Curriculum with its proven Grade Auditing Service.

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