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Fifth Grade Twin Kit 

Goals of the Fifth Grade Full Curriculum:
We continue to emphasize grammar and diagramming in fifth grade, but students move, at this point, from spelling to vocabulary and etymology. By the second or third year of using the Note-Taking/Book Report Guide, students are able to write reports never imagined possible. They continue to read some short classics but by the end of the year make a transition to the unabridged The Call of the Wild. The Macaulay book, City, is integrated in the Day-by-Day with the study of Ancient Rome. The Covenant Home History Overlay is an essential to those who desire a serious study of history. It provides the background and biblical perspective that is often missing from texts. Since it is a work in progress, you’ll want our latest edition.

Students finish their study of the OT in fifth grade, or have the option of working in the Westminster Shorter Catechism, an excellent choice for older siblings as well. Fractions, decimals, ratios, and percents are dealt with in math; geological topics in science. As always, the Day-by-Day is there as a planning tool for the parent, but at this level can sometimes be a little back-up support when enthusiasm wanes or resistance surfaces.

Included in the Full Fifth Grade Curriculum (two of each student book and test sets):

Items Included in the Fifth Grade Language Curriculum:

  • Language Roundup 5, includes student book, teacher's edition and a blueprint.
  • Grammar Activity Booklet with tests and schedule for use with Language Roundup 5.
  • Grammar Handbook for use with Language Roundup 5.
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Book 5: student book, and teachers manual
  • First Voyage to America, a student reader with blueprint and quizzes.
  • City, a Caldecott Honor Book with blueprint and quizzes.
  • Robinson Crusoe, unabridged classic, with CHC Reader's Guide.
  • Two Illustrated short classics with Classic Critique study guides.
  • CHC Note-taking Guide and Book Report Form.

Items Included in the Fifth Grade Bible Curriculum:

Items Included in the Fifth Grade History Curriculum:

Items Included in the Fifth Grade Science Curriculum:

  • Science 5 includes student text, quarterly exams and blueprints.
  • (student notebook available for an additional fee)
  • Shells Coloring Book

Items Included in the Fifth Grade Mathematics Curriculum:

  • MCP Mathematics Level E includes student book, Teacher's Manual and blueprint.
    • OR Saxon 65 includes student book, Home Study Packet and blueprint.     



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