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Eighth Grade Twin Kit (includes two of all consumable items) 

The Goal of the Eighth Grade:

All of these texts will capture the interest of adults as well as our eighth graders. With graduation on the horizon we continue in college-prep Language with grammar studies and an emphasis on composition. Word derivatives from Greek and Latin are also continued. Unabridged classics are read with teacher’s guides and critiques. The Kingdom of God (Part 2) develops the Bible study from the Kings to the Minor Prophets. An excellent American History book presents the story of our nation from Columbus to the present. CHC history overlay gives Christian perspective and a thorough test set gathers every important strand together. A biography and a selection of American literature are coordinated with this study. A Science study includes Astronomy, the solar system and geology from a clear, creationist perspective. A Test Set is provided.A Saxon Math worktext in pre-Algebra is complete with comprehensive explanations and exercises scheduled as tests.    

Included in the Eighth Grade Twin Kit:

Items Included in the Eighth Grade Language Curriculum:

Items Included in the Eighth Grade Bible Curriculum:

Items Included in the Eighth Grade History Curriculum:

  • The American Republic, includes book, CHC Test Set and blueprint with overlay.
  • Supplemental Geography Activity Sheets with User Guide.

Items Included in the Eighth Grade Science Curriculum:

Items Included in the Eighth Grade Mathematics Curriculum:

  • Saxon Algebra 1/2 includes student book, Home Study Packet and blueprint.


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