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God's Promise of Victory Over Wicked Nations

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What's On My Mind: God's Promise of Victory Over Wicked Nations (Psalm 9:11-20)
By James M. Odom, Esq.
CEO, CIO & General Counsel, Covenant Home Curriculum

"Sing praise to the LORD Who in Zion (the home of His People, the Church, throughout the world) does dwell.
Among all the peoples His great doings tell. When blood He avenges, His memory is clear. The cry of the poor (spiritually and financially) never fades from His ear.
LORD see what I suffer from malice and hate (tyranny of mankind is the real hate crime). Have mercy! Oh lift me away from death's gate.
That I with the daughter of Zion (the Church, in the wilderness, and the followers of Christ) may voice, Your praises and in Your salvation rejoice.
The nations are sunk in the pit they prepared (overt political ideology of the irrelevance of God and oppressive confiscation and redistribution of His resources by a few privileged rulers - Marxism). Their foot in the net which they hid is ensnared.
The LORD by His judgment has made Himself known. He by their own works has the wicked overthrown.
The wicked to death's dark abode shall be brought, and all of the nations who God have forgot. Forgotten no longer the cause of the weak, nor perished forever the hope of the meek.
Rise LORD, that mere man may not make himself strong (sell the idea that man can create a utopia himself by theft from others and redistribution, making God irrelevant, just like the builders at Babel).
Let nations be judged in Your presence for wrong. Strike terror within them.
Oh LORD always then, let nations know truly that they are mere men (destroy Marxist nations who declare themselves God, and exalt those nations who would bow to the Creator and His Son)."

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