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Kindergarten Come Ye Children Bible Module 

Goals of the Kindergarten Curriculum:
To read phonetically is our primary goal. Confident readers are confident students in other subjects. Therefore, in grades K-2, Covenant Home devotes considerable time to thorough instruction in phonics and the application of phonics rules to reading and spelling. Using the ladder approach, students are taught to read one and two vowel words in the Kindergarten year. A complete phonics manual supplies the parent with all the words to say. Instruction includes activities for Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic methods of learning. The ball-and-stick method of penmanship instruction is used. A phonics tape and vowel-combination charts provide the tools for what children of this age love to do - memorize!

Accompanying our excellent Bible history book, which covers the wonderful truths of Creation and early Bible history, are the Hiding God's Word coloring sheets, which enhance the Scripture memory program. A love of Poetry is fostered in kindergarten as well. Historical paper dolls and a beginning science reader enrich the program. Children are introduced to the concepts of money, time, addition, and subtraction.

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