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First Grade

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Goals of the First Grade Full Curriculum: 

A complete review of previously learned phonics skills is important at the first grade level. Covenant Home uses MCP Phonics B,moving into the remaining phonics rules and some basics of grammar at the end of the year.Spelling is introduced at this level. Lessons are arranged phonetically. The use of good literature enables the focus to move from decoding(phonics) to comprehension; later, drawing meaning from context, classification, and drawing conclusions.Independent reading is encouraged as students are taught to write book reports through the use of simple forms.

Scripture memory and a teacher-directed, Old Testament study of Creation through Saul are covered in Bible, while history from Early American Trades emphasizes inventors and those who built our nation. The teaching ideas found in the excellent MCP Math books allow for use of manipulatives. Students memorize sums through 18 and subtract from 10 or less. The focus of science is the solar system in which we live.

Included in the First Grade Full Curriculum:

Day by Day Scheduling Guide, for first grade

CHC Preceptor CD-Rom*

CHC Grading Masters*  (grades 1-4)

Items Included in the First Grade Language Curriculum:

Phonics Charts 1-8 for use with the MCP phonics program

Phonics Workbook B, from MCP, includes student book, teacher's edition and Blueprint 

SRA Spelling, includes student book (level 2) , CHC teacher's manual and Blueprint (2002 edition)

McGuffey's Pictoral Primer, from Mott Media with Blueprint

Macka Skilltext Comprehension Reader, includes student text, teacher's annotated edition and Blueprint 

Nickya Skilltext Comprehension Reader,includes student text, teacher's annotated edition and Blueprint. 

Book Report Forms A

Penmanship B, includes student book , teacher's manual and Blueprint

Supplemental reader(titles may vary)

Items Included in the First Grade Bible Curriculum:

Suffer Little Children-Book 1,includes book, quarterly tests and Blueprint 

Items Included in the First Grade History Curriculum:

Early American Trades coloring book, includes book, CHC study guide and Blueprint

Looking at Worldview with Young Children, CHC article

Items Included in the First Grade Science Curriculum:

Exploring Creation with Astronomy, student text

CHC Astronomy test set

Science reader(titles may vary)

Items Included in the First Grade Mathematics Curriculum:

MCP Mathematics, 2005 ed., Level Aincludes student book, teacher's manual and Blueprint 

First Grade

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