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Second Grade - Girls

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Goals of the Second Grade Full Curriculum: 

Having learned all the rules of phonics and decoding, the emphasis in second grade shifts to thebuilding blocks of grammar, the structure of our language. All of the previously learned concepts of phonics and reading are reviewed and built upon while the student begins memorizing rules of syllabication, alphabetizing, plurals, possessives, and more. A set ofGrammar Activitiesand aHandbookhave been integrated with the McGuffey Reader. Students make a transition from manuscript tocursivewriting. The Skilltext Readers, which children love, are superior in developinghigher level comprehensionskillsandcritical thinking. As employers of the classical method we cannot begin too early to teach children to think! Somewhat more detailed book report forms are designed to create in the student a love for reporting. One excellent aspect to ourspellingprogram is the weeklyproofreadingpractice, which begins the transfer of this responsibility from the parent to the child. This series is very challenging but is easily adaptable to learners ofvarious abilities.

The Old Testament study is continued from King David through the prophets, this time with an added workbook children enjoy. Early American history is covered through the Heritage Studies 2 textbook and student activities.  This exciting study deals with communities, colonization, the War for Independence and much more.  Science explores anatomy and physiology.  In Math students will learn to add and subtract through three-digit numbers. Particularly noteworthy in all levels of our math series are the Mental Math exercises. Though the focus at this level is on the concrete and the factual, we like to begin challenging the reasoning skills of a student, preparing him for more complex thinking.

Included in the Second Grade Full Curriculum:

Day by Day Scheduling Guide for Second Grade

CHC Preceptor CD-Rom*

CHC 2nd Grade Course Blueprint packet

CHC Grading Masters* (grades 1-4)

Items Included in the Second Grade Language Curriculum:

Phonics Workbook C from MCP, includes student book, teacher's edition and Blueprint  

Grammar Activity Sheets for use with the McGuffey's First Reader 

Handbook of Grammar Rules booklet

SRA Spelling,includes student book (level 3), teacher's manual and Blueprint (2002 edition)

McGuffey's First Reader from Mott Media with Blueprint

Uncle Bunny, Skilltext Comprehension Reader, includes student text, teacher's annotated edition and Blueprint 

Tracy, Skilltext Comprehension Reader, includes student text, teacher's annotated edition and Blueprint

Book Report Forms C

Marie Curie or similar title

Penmanship C,includes student book, teacher's manual and Blueprint 

Items Included in the Second Grade Bible Curriculum:

Suffer Little Children, Book 2,includes teacher's manual, student workbook with key, quarterly tests with answer key, scripture memory program and Blueprint 

Items Included in the Second Grade History Curriculum:

Heritage Studies 2 textbook with Blueprint   

Heritage Studies 2 Notebook Activity, with CHC teacher's manual and answer key

Looking at Worldview with Young Children, CHC article 

CHC test set for Heritage Studies 2


The Light and the Glory for Children includes book with study guide, final exam and Blueprint 

Activity Book forThe Light and the Glory for Children  

Looking at Worldview with Young Children, CHC article

Supplemental Geography Activity Sheets with user guide

Items Included in the Second Grade Science Curriculum:

Exploring Creation with Anatomy & Physiology student text

CHC Anatomy test set

Beginning Science reader(titles may vary)

Items Included in the Second Grade Mathematics Curriculum:

MCP Mathematics,2005 ed., Level B includes student book, teacher's manual and Blueprint 

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