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Third Grade

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Goals of the Third Grade Full Curriculum: 

A significant upward step is evidenced in the material and the expectations of third graders.Until this point testing has been limited and exclusively factual in nature. The emphasis in the grammar stage continues to be factual with the addition of simple essay questions, note-taking, and paragraph writing. Each week a brief writing assignment is given in Spelling and book reports no longer are limited to simple forms. To aid in the process, Covenant Home provides an excellent Transitional Note-Taking/Book Report Guide, which assists the student in thinking analytically and guides him in the mechanics of writing. Wonderful classical literature provides excellent subject matter for book reports, while the Skilltext reader continues the mechanics of critical thinking and other essential skills.  Students are introduced to four of the parts of speech.

The primaryBibleseries,Suffer Little Children IIIis used, providing an excellent New Testament study.The Pilgrims of Plimoth enhances the study of the American historytext which covers the formation of the Constitution, Westward Expansion, the Civil War, and Industrialization. Students learn to outline in third grade, with astonishing success! Multiplication is the main focus of math. Students are required to memorize multiplication tables.Science is continued with an emphasis on botany.

Included in the Third Grade Full Curriculum:

Day by Day Scheduling Guide for third grade*

CHC Preceptor CD-Rom*

CHC Grading Masters* - (grades 1-4)

CHC Third Grade Course Blueprint packet

Items Included in the Third Grade Language Curriculum:

Language Roundup 3,includes student book, teacher's edition and Blueprint 

Grammar Activity Booklet and answer key includes tests for use with Language Roundup 3 

Grammar Handbook for use with Language Roundup 3  

SRA Spelling,includes student book (level 4) , teacher's manual and Blueprint (2002 edition) 

Ben, Skilltext Comprehension Reader, includes student text, teacher's annotated edition and Blueprint 

Black Beauty, Illustrated, student reader

Black Beauty study guide

The Pilgrims of Plymouth supplemental reader with Blueprint

The Last Rail,a supplemental reader with Blueprint

CHC Transitional Book Report Form

Penmanship D,includes student book and Blueprint 

          Also Available:  Phonics Workbook D from MCP 

Items Included in the Third Grade Bible Curriculum:

Suffer Little Children, Book 3,includes book, student workbook with key, quarterly tests and Blueprint 

Items Included in the Third Grade History Curriculum:

Heritage Studies 3 includes textbook, CHC test set and Blueprint 

Heritage Studies 3 Notebook Activity with CHC teacher's manual and answer key

Looking at Worldview with Young Children, CHC article

Items Included in the Third Grade Science Curriculum:

Exploring Creation with Botany student text 

CHC Botany test set with answer key

Beginning Science reader(titles may vary)

Items Included in the Third Grade Mathematics Curriculum:

MCP Mathematics,2005 ed., Level Cincludes student book, teacher's manual and Blueprint 

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