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Seventh Grade Curriculum

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Goals of the Seventh Grade Full Curriculum: 

Seventh grade is in every respect a time of transition. New, more serious preparations for life and service are encountered. The excellent Write Source 2000 program will guide your student through the process of learning to write effectively.  Note-taking and outlining are promoted. Lessons in Etymology are continued with a new series of word studies in Latin and Greek roots. Unabridged classical literature is consistent with the period of history being studied.

The Bible program, an in-depth Old Testament analysis of the Kingdom of God is provided in survey form with a test set, plus Scripture memorization.  Students finish their study of the Old Testament in the eighth grade, or have the option of working in the Westminister Shorter Catechism, an excellent choice for older siblings as well. 

The history text and the CHC history overlay cover the period of the Middle Ages to the present.  Exploring Creation with General Science is designed to be a student's first systematic introduction to the sciences. A transitional math text presents a complete review of all mathematics up to algebra. Saxon Math is also available at any level needed.

Included in the Seventh Grade Full Curriculum:

Day by Day Scheduling Guide for Seventh Grade

CHC Preceptor CD-Rom*

CHC Grading Masters* (grades 5-12)

CHC 7th Grade Course Blueprint packet 

Items Included in the Seventh Grade Language Curriculum:
Write Source 2000 Handbook with teacher's guide

Write Source 2000 Activity Sheets 7 with answer key 

Vocabulary from Classical Roots A,includes student book, expanded teacher's guide, CHC test set and Blueprint 

King Arthur,unabridged classic and CHC Reader's Guide 

The Odyssey,unabridged classic, with CHC Reader's Guide   

CHC A Guide to Writing Book Reports

Also available:  Write Source 2000 SkillsBook 7 set 

Items Included in the Seventh Grade Bible Curriculum:

The Kingdom of God,includes book (part one is studied), answer key, CHC test set and Blueprint


Westminster Shorter Catechism,includes study text, CHC test sets and scripture proofs booklet 

CHCConcise Survey of the Westminster Shorter Catechismand Day by Day scheduling (two-year study) 

Items Included in the Seventh Grade History Curriculum:

World Studies, includes book, textual answer key and Blueprint

Publisher's test set with key

CHC History Overlay, 3rd ed.  


Story of the Old World, includes book, answer key, CHC test set,Geography Activity Sheets, CHC History Overlay 2nd ed., and Blueprint

Items Included in the Seventh Grade Science Curriculum:

Exploring Creation with General Science, 2nd ed., student textbook (hardcover) 

Solutions Manual to General Science, 2nd ed.

Also available:  General Science Companion CD-Rom

Items Included in the Seventh Grade Mathematics Curriculum:

Arithmatic Skills Workbook, includes worktext and Blueprint

CD-Rom answer key


Saxon 8/7, 3rd ed., includes softbound student text, tests and worksheets, solutions manualand Blueprint

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