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Eighth Grade Curriculum

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Goals of the Eighth Grade Full Curriculum:

All of these texts will capture the interest of adults as well as our eighth graders. With graduation on the horizon wecontinue in college-prep language arts with an emphasis on composition using Write Source 2000. Word derivatives from Greek and Latin are also expanded. Unabridged classics are read with CHC Readera?Ts Guides and the biography of Booker T. Washington.

The Kingdom of God (Part II) develops the Bible study from the kings to the minor prophets. Students finish their study of the Old Testament in eighth grade, or have the option of working in the Westminster Shorter Catechism, a worthy choice for older siblings as well.

An excellent American history text presents the story of our nation from Columbus to the present. The History Overlay and the CHC History Schema give Christian perspective, and a thorough test set gathers every important strand together. A biography and a selection of American literature are coordinated with this study.

The physical science studies are from a clear, creationist perspective. A test manual is provided.

Saxon Algebra A? is the math course used in eighth grade. For the student desiring to do a complete Algebra I course in this grade, we recommend either of the math options listed in the ninth grade level.

Included in the Eighth Grade Full Curriculum:

Day by Day Scheduling Guide forEighth Grade

CHC Preceptor CD-Rom*

CHC Grading Masters* (grades 5-12)

CHC 8thGrade Course Blueprint packet

Items Included in the Eighth Grade Language Curriculum:
Write Source 2000 Handbook with teacher's guide

Write Source 2000 Activity Sheets 8 with answer key

Also available:  Write Source 2000 SkillsBook 8 set

Vocabulary from Classical Roots B, includes student book, expanded teacher's guide, CHC test set and Blueprint

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, includes book and CHC reader's guide

Up From Slavery, includes book and study guide/quizzes

CHC A Guide to Writing Book Reports

Items Included in the Eighth Grade Bible Curriculum:

The Kingdom of God,includes book (part two is studied), answer key, CHC test set and Blueprint

Items Included in the Eighth Grade History Curriculum:

The American Republic, 3rded., includes textbook and teacher's edition to the text

Student Activity Manual and CHC Activity Answer Key

Bob Jones test set and answer key

CHC History Overlay

Developing Your History Schema, a CHC Article

Items Included in the Eighth Grade Science Curriculum:

Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 2nded., student textbook(hardcover)  

Solutions and Test booklet for Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 2nded.

Also Available:  Physical Science Companion CD-Rom

Items Included in the Eighth Grade Mathematics Curriculum:

Saxon Algebra 1/2, icludes student book, Blueprint, test set, and Home Study Packet.

Also Available: Saxon Algebra 1/2 Solutions Manual

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