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Ninth Grade

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Goals of the Ninth Grade Full Curriculum: 

To establish a solid beginning for the new high school student, highly effective and interesting texts spark this grade level and introduce an academic step ahead. In Bible, Part I begins with the study of one of the most important books ever written...Reformer John Calvin's Institutes. This sensibly abridged edition is very readable and fitting for today's serious student.  Assigned readings are supplemented with practical discussion topics, writing assignments, and a comprehensive test set.  Answer keys help with penetrating insights.  Memory verses are assigned.  (Alternate Bible studies are available.)

In language arts the English Workshop program continues instruction in grammar, sentences, phrases, clauses and much more.  Note-taking and notebook keeping are encouraged because the college and the working world expect us to understand and recall what is said.  Etymology is continued in order to expand vocabulary.  Unabridged classic literature selections with excellent study guides are provided.

History in ninth grade studies geography of the world and is complete with an activity booklet, teacher's edition and tests. Freshman science is a study of biology from a strong creationist perspective. A full test set is provided. (An alternate science course is available.)  Math studies Saxon Algebra I orJacob's Algebra I. Geometry or Algebra II are options for the advanced student.

Included in the Ninth Grade Full Curriculum:

Day by Day Scheduling Guide for Ninth Grade

CHC Preceptor CD-Rom*

CHC Grading Masters* (grades 5-12)

CHC 9th Grade Course Blueprint packet

Items Included in the Ninth Grade Language Curriculum:

English Workshop - Third Course, includes student book, teacher manual/key, mastery tests and Blueprint  

Vocabulary from Classical Roots C, includes student book, expanded teacher's guide, CHC test set and Blueprint

Red Badge of Courage, unabridged classic, with CHC Reader's Guide  

A Tale of Two Cities, unabridged classic, with CHC Reader's Guide  

CHC A Guide to Writing Book Reports

Items Included in the Ninth Grade Bible Curriculum:

The Institutes of Christian Religion,(part one) includes book, CHC study guide/answer key, CHC test set and Blueprint

Items Included in the Ninth Grade History Curriculum:

Cultural Geography, 3rded., includes textbook and teacher's edition to the text

Student Activity Manual and CHC Activity Answer Key

Bob Jones test set and answer key

CHC History Overlay

Developing Your History Schema, a CHC Article

Items Included in the Ninth Grade Science Curriculum:

Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nded., student textbook(hardcover)   

Solutions and Test booklet for Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd ed.

Also Available:  Biology Companion CD-Rom


The Physical World, 3rded. student textbook (hardcover)

The Physical World Teacher's Edition

The Physical World Lab Manual with Lab Manual teacher's edition

Bob Jones test set and answer key

Evolution and the Modern Christian

Items Included in the Ninth Grade Mathematics Curriculum:

Saxon Algebra 1, icludes student book, Blueprint, and Home Study Packet.

Also Available: Saxon Algebra 1 Solutions Manual

Jacobs Elementary Algebra, includes student text, teacher's edition, CHC Day by Day Scheduling Guide and test masters

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