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Tenth Grade

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Goals of the Tenth Grade Full Curriculum:

To avoid possible academic doldrums of the sophomore year, Covenant Home encourages a true sense of excellence by offering grammar review and further advances in vocabulary. At this level students are expected to write and speak intelligently and interestingly. Thus, our etymology and composition studies continue in language arts. SAT- type analogies are provided to prepare the student for college entrance tests. Two unabridged works of classical literature with study guides are provided.

In Bible, Part II continues with the study of one of the most important books ever written a?| Reformer John Calvina?Ts Institutes of the Christian Religion. This sensibly abridged edition is very readable and fitting for todaya?Ts serious student. Assigned readings are supplemented with practical discussion topics, writing assignments and a comprehensive test set. Answer keys help with penetrating insights. Memory verses are assigned. (Alternate Bible studies are available.)

Western Civilization presents a compelling survey of the nations that experienced the greatest blessing and guidance from the 14th century to the present, from the reawakening of the Reformation in Europe to the trials and tests of the modern age. The study includes the CHC History Overlay which introduces the student to overarching themes and perspectives. Students will write a research paper in conjunction with this study.

The tenth grade science program is chemistry taught from a creationist perspective.

Math studied the Covenant Home sophomore year is Saxon Algebra 2, which is included in the full curriculum. Families also have the option of using Jacobs Geometry. This thorough program gives a classical approach to reasoning, geometric proofs and basic geometry skills.

Included in the Tenth Grade Full Curriculum:

Day by Day Scheduling Guide for Tenth Grade

CHC Preceptor CD-Rom*

CHC Grading Masters* (grades 5-12)

CHC 10thGrade Course Blueprint packet

Items Included in the Tenth Grade Language Curriculum:

English Workshop - Fourth Course, includes student book, teacher manual/key, mastery tests and Blueprint 

Vocabulary from Classical Roots D, includes student book, expanded teacher's guide, CHC test set and Blueprint

The Joy of Vocabulary, includes book, test set, and CD-Rom answer key

Great Expectations, includes book and CHC reader's guide

Jane Eyre, includes book and CHC reader's guide

CHC A Guide to Writing Book Reports

Items Included in the Tenth Grade Bible Curriculum:

The Institutes of Christian Religion,(part two) includes book, CHC study guide/answer key, CHC test set and Blueprint

Items Included in the Tenth Grade History Curriculum:

Western Civilization, 3rded., includes textbook and teacher's edition to the text

Student Activity Manual and CHC Activity Answer Key

Bob Jones test set and answer key

CHC History Overlay

Developing Your History Schema, a CHC Article

Items Included in the Tenth Grade Science Curriculum:

Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 2nd ed., student textbook(hardcover)  

Solutions and Test booklet for Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 2nd ed.

Also Available:  Chemistry Companion CD-Rom

Items Included in the Tenth Grade Mathematics Curriculum:

Saxon Algebra 2, icludes student book, Blueprint, Home Study Packet, and test set.

Also Available: Saxon Algebra 2 Solutions Manual

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