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First Grade Replacement Kit

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The Replacement Kit replaces the portions of a previously purchased Full Curriculum which were used by a previous student.

(Order this kit to re-use your previous Full Curriculum for a younger child who reaches the same grade level.)

The following list ofconsumableitems are found in theFirst Grade Replacement Kitbased on the 2010 CHC Catalog.Reusableitems which arenewto the program this year are also included.  (New and changed items are indicated with an asterisk.)

Important Note:
If there are additional items which are needed please be sure to list them in theTailoring Notes field above when you add this to your basket. We will then contact you with the revised pricing information prior to processing your order.

Included in the First Grade Replacement Kit:

Day by Day Scheduling Guide*for First Grade

First Grade Blueprint pack

Grading Masters (Grade 1-4)

Suffer Little Children quarterly exams

Phonics Workbook B from MCP*

Phonics Workbook B teacher's edition* 

Mack student workbook (1997 ed.)

SRA Spelling 2 student book (2002 ed.)

Nicky student workbook

Penmanship B student workbook

Early American Trades coloring book

MCP Math A, 2005 ed., student workbook

CHC Astronomy test set with answer key

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