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Seventh Grade Replacement Kit.

Goals of the Seventh Grade Full Curriculum:
Seventh grade is in every respect a time of transition.  New, more serious preparations for life and service are encountered.  Thus, in Language we provide a truly college-prep grammar handbook with a workbook presenting all levels of composition. Note taking and outlining are promoted. Lessons in Etymology are continued with a new series of word studies in Latin and Greek roots. Unabridged classic literature is consistent with the period of history being studied. Bible: An in-depth Old Testament analysis of the Kingdom of God is provided in survey form with a test set, plus scripture memorization. History: An outstanding world history text with CHC history overlay and test set combine to nurture a Reformed Worldview. Science: Life Science is presented from a solid creationist perspective that gives all honor and majesty to our creator God. Math: A transitional math text presents a complete review of all mathematics up to algebra. Saxon Math also available

Replacement Kits are made available to re-enrolling families only and contain all the consumable items from the curriculum to be used with a younger sibling, at a later time.

These kits are a helpful and money-saving service of Covenant Home, but while economizing, the absolute significance of providing a full, individualized program for each child must not be overlooked.

It is important to provide children with their own text, reader or workbook in order that they acquire a clear proprietary sense and so as to encourage the underlining of key words and concepts and develop othergood study habits.

The following list of consumable items are found in the Seventh Grade Replacement Kit based on the 2000 Course Inventories Catalog. Reusable items which are new to the program this year are also included.

Important Note:
If there are additional items which are needed please be sure to list them in the Tailoring Notes field when you check out. We will then contact you with the revised pricing information prior to processing your order.

Included in the Seventh Grade Replacement Kit:
  • Day-by-Day Scheduling Guide for 7th Grade.
  • 7th Grade Blueprint Pack and Grading Sheets.
  • CHC Test Set for Kingdom of God: Part 1.
  • English Workshop First Course student book.
  • Vocabulary from Classical Roots A student workbook.
  • CHC Test Set for Vocabulary from Classical Roots A.
  • Test Set for World Studies.
  • Activity book for World Studies.
  • Arithmetic Skills student workbook.
  • CHC Test set for Apologia general Science
  • (optional General Science Student notebook)



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