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God's People Shall Not Die

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By James M. Odom, Esq.
CEO, CIO & General Counsel, Covenant Home Curriculum

Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters, and all others whose heart the LORD is turning to hear:

God speaks for us in *Psalm 118C (17-29) (which we can sing and pray back to him as we meditate upon it) [some of my meditation in brackets]:

"I shall not die [Note immediately God's speaking through this promise to us: I SHALL NOT DIE!], but live and tell Jehovah's power to save. [The gospel! We are His people placed throughout the world, that the world may know Him! Those who tell Jehovah's power to save are His chosen people, the spiritual seed of Abraham, His adopted offspring, the beneficiaries of God's self-executed covenant with Abraham, who SHALL NOT DIE, BUT LIVE!] The LORD has sorely chastened me [sin, tares and toil here on fallen Earth], but spared me from the grave. [I like an exclamation mark here better.] Oh set ye open unto me the gates of righteousness. Then will I enter into them, and I the LORD will bless. This is Jehovah's gate. By it the just shall enter in. I'll praise Thee Who hast heard my prayer, and hast my safety been. That stone is made head cornerstone, which builders did despise. [This is Jesus, God Himself, the promised son and Messiah! He has come. He is risen!] This is the doing of the LORD, and wondrous in our eyes. This is the day the LORD has made. Let us be glad and sing. Hosanna, LORD! Oh give success! [Success is making Him known to the world (e.g., our family, our Church, our community, our State, our Nation), Oh LORD give me success!] Oh LORD, salvation bring. [When this was sung and prayed by our spiritual ancestors, it was only faith in God's promise of bringing ultimate salvation, but now He has come, and it is assurance to us!] Oh blessed be the one who comes, comes in Jehovah's name. The blessing from Jehovah's house, upon you we proclaim. The LORD is God, and He to us Has made the light arise. Oh bind ye to the altar's horns with cords of sacrifice. [The sacrifice, symbolized looking forward by animal sacrifice by our forefathers in Israel, has now been completed in Christ, and now the symbol looking back is the fruit of our lips, singing (and praying and reading and speaking) His Psalms of praise (Hebrews 13:15).] Thou art my God. I'll give thee thanks. My God, I'll worship Thee. [LORD, thank You for giving us precise instructions as to how, and how not, to worship You!] Oh thank the LORD, for He is good. His grace will endless be. [Again, His promise: I SHALL NOT DIE!]"

*Unless otherwise noted, Psalm references are from "The Book of Psalms for Singing," Copyright 1973, THE BOARD OF EDUCATION AND PUBLICATION REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF NORTH AMERICA.

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