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There Is No Good in Planned Parenthood

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There Is No Good in Planned Parenthood
By James M. Odom, Esq.
CEO, CIO & General Counsel, Covenant Home Curriculum


There is nothing at all good about Planned Parenthood.

Even if the circumstances are bad, every child is a blessing from God. (Psalm 127:3 - Children are a gift from God; they are his reward.")

God opens and closes the womb (see numerous examples in Genesis, not limited only to his People).

According to even its name, God's blessing of children is unwelcome, if not planned.

From its actions, it reveals that its intention is to foreclose blessings that we already know - they have already been formed in the womb, and known by Him before - God intends to give, to the point of murder, if not planned.

Worse yet we also know their motives, from Margaret Sanger their founder, which are rooted in eugenics. Put simply, the intent was to eliminate those who weren't deemed as valuable to society (their parents' devaluing of them being only one example).

Murdering large populations for the purpose of removing those deemed less valuable is called genocide.

The unborn from 1973-present, 62 MILLION est., to date, is the largest genocide in world history, and Planned Parenthood has had no small hand in this.

Even if a few services that may be provided by Planned Parenthood that may not be designed to prevent God's blessings expressly, they could easily be performed by others.

Just like Nimrod at Babel, Planned Parenthood raises its fist against the God of Heaven; the Creator and endower of rights by the U.S. rule of law; to exalt itself over His law.

They deserve nothing but ridicule as evil and wicked.

It is even more wicked of each and every "pro-choice" government representative who will steal money from you and I to give to evil killers of the unborn.

Like the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, they steal from the poor, to give to the rich.

God will avenge the helpless.

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