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Seventh Grade Full Curriculum

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Seventh Grade Full Curriculum

Goals of the Seventh Grade Full Curriculum:
Seventh grade is in every respect a time of transition.  New, more serious preparations for life and service are encountered.  Thus, in Language we provide a truly college-prep grammar handbook with a workbook presenting all levels of composition. Note taking and outlining are promoted. Lessons in Etymology are continued with a new series of word studies in Latin and Greek roots. Unabridged classic literature is consistent with the period of history being studied. Bible: An in-depth Old Testament analysis of the Kingdom of God is provided in survey form with a test set, plus scripture memorization. History: An outstanding world history text with CHC history overlay and test set combine to nurture a Reformed Worldview. Science: Life Science is presented from a solid creationist perspective that gives all honor and majesty to our creator God. Math: A transitional math text presents a complete review of all mathematics up to algebra. Saxon Math also available.

Included in the Seventh Grade Full Curriculum:

Items Included in the Seventh Grade Language Curriculum:

Items Included in the Seventh Grade Bible Curriculum:

Items Included in the Seventh Grade History Curriculum:

  • World Studies includes: Student text, teachers manual activity book, activity key, tests, and test key. 
  • A Covenant Home Curriculum History Overlay booklet.

Items Included in the Seventh Grade Science Curriculum:

  • Apologia General Science includes textbook, CHC Test Set and blueprint.
    • (student notebook available for and additional fee).

Items Included in the Seventh Grade Mathematics Curriculum:

  • Arithmetic Skills Workbook, includes textbook, key and blueprint.
    • OR Saxon 87 includes student book, Home Study Packet and blueprint.     


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