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Ninth Grade Full Curriculum

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Ninth Grade Full Curriculum

Goals of the Ninth Grade Full Curriculum:
To establish a solid beginning for the new high school student, highly effective and interesting texts spark this grade level and introduce an academic step ahead. Language: Spelling is sharpened, grammar usage and ability to read and analyze accurately, are challenged. The understanding of poetry and various genre in literature is fostered. Note taking and notebook keeping are encouraged because the college and the working world expect us to understand and recall what is said. Etymology is continued in order to expand vocabulary. Composition includes research, organization, technique, sequencing, coherence, and avoiding common errors. Unabridged classic literature selections with study guides are provided. Bible: The exciting period of the New Testament church is studied from the book of The Ministry of Christ, or Calvin's Institutes.  Memory verses are assigned.(Alternates are available.) Geography of the world is complete with a set of maps and tests. Science:Introduction to the biological sciences with a strong creationist perspective and investigation of the scientific method. A full test set is provided and additional lab materials are available. Math: Saxon Algebra 1 worktext with excellent teaching ideas.

Included in the Ninth Grade Twin Kit:

Items Included in the Ninth Grade Language Curriculum:

Items Included in the Ninth Grade Bible Curriculum:

  • The Ministry of Christ, includes book (part one is studied), CHC Test Set and blueprint.
  • Or 
  • Calvin's institutes, includes book (part one is studied), and CHC Test Set and Blueprint. 

Items Included in the Ninth Grade History Curriculum:

  • Geography includes book, Activities, Test Set and blueprint.

Items Included in the Ninth Grade Science Curriculum:

  • Apologia Biology, includes book, Teacher's Edition, test set and blueprint.
  • Student notebook (available for an additional fee)

Items Included in the Ninth Grade Mathematics Curriculum:

  • Saxon Algebra 1 includes student book, Home Study Packet and blueprint.


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