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Eleventh Grade Curriculum

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Goals of the Eleventh Grade Full Curriculum: 

With college entrance coming over the horizon and the real world just beyond, we begin a new effort to prove our academic foundations. Character is revealed in work well done. Language exercises designed to familiarize the student with college level writing are provided. Composition is stressed to develop technique. Vocabulary expansion is accomplished with over 500 important words, 200 prefixes, roots and suffixes. Unabridged classical literature with study guides continue the student’s reading and comprehension progress.

The Bible text is a fascinating survey of western church history from post-apostolic to the end of the Nineteenth Century. (Alternates available - including the wonderful Summary of Christian Doctrine, by Berkhof.) 

The CHC History overlay adds many valuable insights into the principles of a hearty Reformed world-view in a final, high-level American history study. Constitutional government is the focus of this course. In eleventh grade science, physics is studied from a creationist viewpoint. Saxon Advanced Math is a comprehensive treatment of pre-calculus math including topics from algebra, geometry, trigonometry, discrete mathematics and mathematical analysis. Saxon Algebra II and Consumer Math are also available. (Math may be selected to match the student’s needs.)

Included in the Eleventh Grade Full Curriculum:

Day by Day Scheduling Guide for the Eleventh Grade

CHC PreceptorCD-Rom*

CHC Grading Masters* (grades 5-12)

CHC 11th Grade Course Blueprint packet

Items Included in the Eleventh Grade Language Curriculum:

English Workshop- Fifth Courseincludes student worktext, teacher's manual/key, assessment tests and Blueprint  

Vocabulary from Classical Roots- Book E, includesstudent worktext, teacher's edition, test set and Blueprint

Moby Dick, unabridged classic, with CHC Reader's Guide 

Wuthering Heights, unabridged classic, with CHC Reader's Guide 

CHC A Guide to Writing Book Reports

Items Included in the Eleventh Grade Bible Curriculum:

Sketches From Church History, includes book, CHC study guide, CHC test set and Blueprint


Summary of Christian Doctrine, textbook(softcover) ,CHC test set and Blueprint

Day by Day Scheduling Guide for the module

Items Included in the Eleventh Grade History Curriculum:
U.S. History, includes book, textual answer key, CHC test set and Blueprint with study guide

CHC History Overlay, 3rd ed. 

Student Activities booklet with activities teacher edition 

Items Included in the Eleventh Grade Science Curriculum:
Exploring Creation with Physics, 2nded., includes student book (hardcover), Solutions and test packet.

Also Available: Physics Companion CD-Rom


BJP Chemestry, 2nded.,includes textbook, teacher's edition, laboratory manual with teacher's edition (to the laboratory manual), and publisher's test set with key

Day by Day Scheduling Guide for the module

Items Included in the Eleventh Grade Mathematics Curriculum:

Saxon Advanced Mathematics includes student book, Blueprint, and Home Study Packet

Also available: Saxon Advanced Mathematics Solutions Manual 


Consumer Math, 2nd ed., student textbook and teacher's edition (two volumes)

Consumer Math, 2nd ed., test set and answer key 

Day by Day Scheduling Guidefor the module

Also available:  Preparing for the SATs includes student worktext with answer key

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