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Price: $158.72
2nd Grade Student Editions- a la carte: Tracy, Spelling, Phonics, Math and Handwriting Shipping included.

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Price: $39.00
Add Biology Notebooking Journal

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Price: $129.00
Anatomy Notebooking Journal Zoology 2 Notebooking Journal Physical Science Student Notebook Algebra 1/2 Solutions Manual No shipping charges.

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Price: $984.85
4th Grade Replacement Kit (with Zoology Notebooking Journal) 9th Grade Full Curriculum (less Biology) Shipping included. Half-off shipping for orders

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Price: $100.65
2nd, 5th, and 8th grade science journals, shipping included.

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Price: $438.04
2nd Grade Replacement Tailored 5th Grade Replacement Tailored 7th Grade Replacement Tailored Shipping included

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Price: $582.64
Kindergarten Replacement Kit (tailored) 7th Grade Replacement Kit (tailored) 10th Grade Replacement Kit (tailored) Shipping included.

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Price: $1,369.80
11th Grade (add Advanced Math Solutions Manual, Physics Companion CD-ROM). 12th Grade (substitute Summary of Christian Doctrine, add Saxon Calculus

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Price: $1,398.58
Institutes of the Christian Religion Part II Tests Western Civilization II Study Guide Western Civlization II Tests BJU Press Writing & Grammar
Tenth Grade Diagnostic Test

Tenth Grade Diagnostic Test

Price: $30.00
This test is for students who have already completed the above grade level, to see if they are ready for the next level. These tests are based upon
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