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Shipping & Returns

Return Policy

  1. Prior approval from CHC must be obtained before any items may be returned.

  2. Call immediately if you receive damaged materials. We will provide important information on shipping books and obtaining replacements. You must notify CHC by phone within 5 business days of receipt for returns to be considered for any reason.

  3. Except for damaged materials, returned books must be in salable condition and not be marked, stamped or soiled in any way.  Books shipped without authorization or in unsatisfactory containers will not be credited. Materials must be received promptly after authorization is given.

  4. CHC markets whole, eclectic curricula and and does not allow return of individual items from the program. Only a curriculum or kit in its entirety will be considered for credit.  Particular exchanges of books that are arranged by parents with the CHC office may be considered on an exceptional basis. Tailoring fees will be applied when appropriate.

  5. Shipping/processing fees are not refundable.  A 5% ($5. minimum) restocking fee will be deducted from all returns, except for damaged materials.

  6. Durable boxes must be used to ship books. All materials must be packed tightly and padded carefully. Be certain to pad the containers with appropriate packing material to prevent books from shifting, causing damage to their corners. No credit will be issued for books damaged during the return process.

  7. Tailoring fees, diagnostic tests and grade auditing are not refundable.

  8. Authorized returns are to be sent to:

Covenant Home Curriculum, Inc.

100 South Washington Street

Sparta, IL  62286

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